The volcanic Calimani Mountains are situated to the southeast of the town of Vatra Dornei. They are perhaps best known for the 12 Apostles Reserve: a group of volcanic rock formations, some of which have anthropomorphic shapes, hud flying together below the massif highest peaks. As with the Suhard and Rarau Giumalau, it is possible to walk out of town to access these mountains, but this would require a rather long approach walk, adding an extra day to the itinerary described below.

A remarkable feature of the Calimani is its caldera with a diameter of 10 km, which is also the site of a former sulfur mine. Another interesting aspect of these mountains is the ancient Via Maria Theresia road which runs right through them; info panels along the way tell the history of the 18th – century Habsburg Empress, and that of the 19th – century Emperor Franz Joseph, giving insight into the history of the Austro – Hungarian Empire and Romania’s role in it.

Landscape in Calimani mountains

The terrain varies wildly, from semi-deforested areas and paths overgrown, with dwarf pine – that is a little challenging to navigate through, to the pastoral meadows below Tamau Peak (1862m). The most challenging section is around the two highest peaks which can be seen from afar: Negoiu Unguresc Peak (2081m) and Pietrosul Peak (2100m).

The Calimani is a national park, camping is only allowed in designated areas. Also, keep an eye on wildlife, especially bears. If you are interested in a hiking tour in Calimani mountains, feel free to choose from our tours of just contact us.