Although the Ciucas mountains are some of the most interesting in the Carpathians, they are at the same time the least explored, probably because it is relatively hard to get there using public transport.

This mountain range is situated 40 kilometers away from Brasov and is considered to be part of the Curvature Carpathians.

Ciucas peak, at 1954 m (6410ft) is its highest point, accessible from almost every side of the mountain. However, Ciucas is famous for its strong winds and highly unpredictable weather, which can cause whiteouts during winter. Also, if you intend to hike here, pack enough water for the entire day. There are no water sources here and this can be frustrating sometimes.

Landscape in Ciucas mountains

The mountain and the surrounding area is declared a Natura2000 nature reserve and is rich in beautiful rock formations and alpine meadows. Those interested in wildlife can spot here bears, lynx, wolves, wild cat, as well as the usual deer, wild boar and fox.

Although most of the marked trails on Ciucas mountains can be easy, you always need to keep on eye on the terrain and on the weather forecast. If you want to explore the area, we recommend going there together with a guide. Contact us for a tailor-made tour here or choose from our trips.