Greetings from Postavarul Massif

View from Postavaru Hut

There is no doubt that Braşov is one of the best bases in Romania for mountain lovers. The Saxons called it Kronstadt for good reason: the city is quite literally crowned with a ring of forested hills that develop into mountains. 

As you venture further south, Braşov is worth a visit on its own: must-dos are a walk over the medieval city walls, a climb to the citadel, and a visit to the Black Church (Biserica Neagră/Schwarze Kirche) where services are still held in German and organ concerts are frequently organized during summer. 

Almost half of the country is covered by natural and semi-natural ecosystems. Deforestation is a major concern, but we won’t go in that subject, on how challenging is to control the situation, combat illegal logging and organize reforestation projects. Will keep it on the bright side, saying that despite this brutal attack on Romania’s ecosystems, and thanks to the forests that have survived, the Romanian Carpathians are a haven for wildlife. Many of Europe’s larger predators are found here: brown bears, wolves, and lynx. 

From the charming Old Town, you can hike straight into the Postăvaru Massif via the popular Tâmpa Hill. This is the hiking trail we just went on and it came up being a great idea for a medium level hike.

Our starting point is the promenade Tiberiu Brediceanu (Aleea de sub Tampa), following the blue stripe sign, up to Saua Tampei (45 – 50 min). We greet the city from above then we continue our hike.

View over Brasov City

Turning a little bit back on the path, we followed the same sign (blue stripe), to Postavarul Peak, through Crucurul Mare. The trail is well marked, around 4 – 4.5 h long. A pleasant walk in the forest, with just a few small climbing sections. This trail is very popular for bikers as well, so during weekends, be prepared to meet them on the path. During weekdays is very peaceful.

Trail through the forest

Forest path

Hiking trail to Crucurul

We do not recommend picking up the mushrooms you’ll find along the way unless you know them very well. Some can be quite poisonous. 


Maybe you’ll meet some groups of small mountaineers like we did, which reminded us that the summer vacation is here. What a joy to see these kids well equipped, greeting you on the trail, or hearing them chatting about nature: “Iris is a flower… “ 

Talking about flowers, in Poiana Ruia we found some fragrant orchids (Gymnadenia conopsea). 

Fragrant orchid

At Postavaru Hut you can find good desserts, food, tea, hot chocolate, and some nice spots to enjoy the view over the surroundings.

View from Postavaru Hut

View from Poiana Ruia

From Postavarul Hut up to Postavarul Peak (1799 m) beside the beautiful views, most of the time there are people who enjoy freedom through a different activity: paragliding.

Paragliding from Postavaru

On our route back, we went on the Red Cross trail through the forest. 

Red Cross trail

Once arrived down in Poiana Brasov, we continue on Poiana Brasov Old Road, for another 45 – 50 min. This road takes you down to Pietrele lui Solomon, and from there in 30 min walk, you can get to the Old Town Council Square. 

Leaving at 8.15 AM, we were back in town at 5.15 PM, just like on a regular day at the office, but this time, in the one that brings us more energy, joy – the outdoor one! 🙂

Rain drops

Sometimes the beauties are right next to us, we just have to notice them!

If you need assistance, new ideas for your trips, we are here for you!

Hiking trail: Brasov (Aleea Tiberiu Brediceanu) – Saua Tampei – Poiana Stechil – Crucurul Mare  – Poiana Ruia – Postavarul Hut – Postavarul Peak 

Trail: Blue Stripe, Blue stripe

Time: 4 – 5 h

Level of difficulty: medium

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