Hiking in Leaota Mountains

View from Leaota towards Piatra Craiului

Hiking trail: Bratei Hut – Leaota Peak (2133 m), 4h 

The Leaota Mountains, part of the Carpathians, are a unit with pronounced massivity, tied closely to Bucegi Mountains. Unlike the mountain group in which it is included, in terms of petrography, Leaota Mountains represent a core of crystalline formations. These mountains are bounded in the north and west by Rucar – Bran – Dragoslavele corridor, on the eastern side by the Bratei valley, and the southern limit is given by Subcarpathians.

View from Leaota

Most of its forests are dominated by deciduous forests, mainly beech, up to altitudes of 1200 m, then to 1450 m a transition level in which beech is mixed with resinous, followed by growing coniferous forests, especially the fir tree. At 1800 m, subalpine and alpine meadows are present, dominated by shrubs, rhododendrons, blueberries, cranberry, juniper, dwarf azaleas.

In the forest

Our journey started early in the morning from Brasov city. We drove on the route Sinaia – Târgoviște, climbing the wavy serpentines towards Moroeni, passing through a gypsy village.

The hiking trail started from Bratei Hut, and this was also our finishing point, descending on the same route.

Cabana Bratei

Crossing the wooden bridge and another small river, we followed the hiking sign: the red cross. 

Wooden bridge

The slope is quite steep from the beginning, and the whole route is a continuous climb.

Hiking trail

As soon as we came out from the forest, we turned 90 degrees to the left, descending a little in a meadow, after which we climbed again, (on the discovered peak) hill after hill, peak after peak, guided by the stone lures on which the marking can still be seen.

To Leaota Peak

Once we reach Rateiul Peak, the last one before Leaota, we saw a flock of sheep scattered almost in the shape of a heart. 🙂

On our hiking trail

This hiking trail brought us very beautiful views over Bucegi and Piatra Craiului Mountains.

View from Leaota towards Piatra Craiului

Remember, no matter how friendly this mountain may seems at the first glance, every time will prove otherwise for careless tourists. Adequate mountain equipment, the knowledge of weather conditions, and orientation are essential for a pleasant trip!

If you need more details about this hiking trail, ideas, or assistance to organize your trip, get in touch with us!

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