Also called The mountains with blue eyes, the beauty of Retezat mountains had always attracted many visitors and people interested in flora and fauna. It is a National Park since 1935 and a Biosphere Reserve as well.

Landscape in Retezat mountains

Located in the mid-western part of Romania, in Hunedoara county, Retezat mountains are accessible from all sides: Brazi, Gura Zlatna hut, Tomeasa (west), Nucsoara-Malaesti, Hobit and Pui (north), Petrosani, Lupeni, Uricani, Campu lui Neag, Campusel (south and south-east) are some of the access point towards this National Park.

They are considered by many people the most beautiful mountains in Romania, mostly thanks to the high number of glacial lakes present here in the large valleys but also for the rich wildlife.

The highest point of Retezat mountains is Peleaga peak, at 2509 m (8231 ft) while the second one is called Papusa and is only one meter shorter (2508 m / 8228 ft).

Resembling a water castle, Retezat mountains supply numerous rivers, tributaries to Mures or Jiu. The most outstanding water bodies are the glacial lakes located into glacial circuses, beneath the crest. There are about 100 lakes, of which 40 are large and middle sized, 18 are small and about 40 are tiny and usually disappear during the summer. Tourists can find here the largest glacial lake in Romania, Bucura, with a surface of 8.8 hectares, but also the deepest, Zanoaga, with 29 meters.

Hiking enthusiasts must be careful here, as human activities are strictly forbidden in some areas which are constantly monitored.

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