Sunday hike to Lespezi peak (2517m)

Lespezi peak

Being 2517 meters high (8257 ft), Lespezi peak, located in the Fagaras mountains, in Romania, is considered to be the 5th highest peak of the country, It is accessible through more trails, one of them, called Piciorul Lespezi, starting from Piscul Negru, near the southern part of the Transfagarasan road.

We decided to go there together with two friends. They left Brasov on Friday evening and spent their night in the campsite at Piscul Negru. We chose to sleep at home and left very early on Saturday, at around 4:45 a.m.

Transfagarasan road in the morning

We reached Balea lake, on the Transfagarasan road, just when the morning sunlight reached the peaks. Crossing the tunnel, we exited towards the southern part of the road and began a twisting descent to Piscul Negru.

After parking the car, we met the others and started hiking. We wished we could have done a proper warm up before leaving the parking, as the trail surprised us with a steep incline.

Luckily, the first 20-30 minutes were through a nice forest which allowed us to prepare for the upcoming climb.

Stana din Lespezi sheepfold

After reaching the first sheepfold called Stana din Lespezi, we had to decide which way to go. To the left we had the Red Triangle signs and to the right, the Red Dot, both reaching the Lespezi peak. We went right and continued up towards the peak, stopping from time to time to enjoy the delicious blueberry which could be found throughout the alpine pastures.

Climbing to Lespezi peak

After about 3 hours of climbing, we finally reached Lespezi peak. After the mandatory photo shoot at the famous windrose, we couldn’t decide which way to look.

Lespezi peak

Fagaras mountains are truly spectacular and massive and looking all around us we felt like little ants in a giants’ world. After having a snack, we descended to Lespezi Saddle (Saua Lespezi) but lost the signs and went down on an unmarked trail which avoided the ridge.

Descending from Lespezi peak

Reaching the saddle, after a 40 minute photo break, we began a long and demanding descend to the sheepfold called Stana din Lespezi. We walked past two other smaller sheepfolds guarded by shepherd dogs which proved to be friendlier than we expected.

Shepherd dog

Reaching the base, we left Piscul Negru and … unfortunately, we were stuck in traffic for about two hours, just before the tunnel to Balea lake. 4 kilometers in 2 hours. Imagine our frustration…

Traffic jam on Transfagarasan road

We finally reached Brasov after about 6 hours in the car, tired but happy we safely reached our first peak of over 2500 m in Romania.

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